Questions about job content versus classification

Is a Terberg/Stacker driver also classed as mobile staff? How is their driving licence classed?

If the employee was classed as mobile staff, a Terberg/Stacker driver can also be classed as mobile staff under the new job classification system.

If the driver does not drive on the public highway then they do not need a driving licence. In this case, the criteria "BE licence or less" applies.

Is a driver’s assistant, who helps the driver load/unload, also considered mobile staff?

Yes, a driver’s assistant also comes under mobile staff.

Criteria 5 - Handling skills required
Coupling and uncoupling from a tractor or an articulated lorry are not explicitly mentioned in the main tasks, but they are very much part of EC driver training.

This should not be assessed based on Criteria 5, but Criteria 7 as the “level of complexity of loading and unloading” (coupling and uncoupling) score 1

Criteria 3 – Number of addresses delivered to per day
A driver delivers to a limited number of customers per day, but returns to the same customer several times per day. Should the number of customers or the number of stops be counted?

The number of addresses delivered to is calculated per stop/delivery, and not per customer.